My garden



Fleeting glow on a rainy day

Decided to paint over this one …img_0083

2 minutes times hundreds

Sound piercing thick air of the marsh…

This one looks very different from the photo. It changes with the light to become more blue. img_0155

Now what?

I’m trying to figure out what to do with this one other than paint over it 🙂

Painting over it….


Abstract – On the Edge of Reason


Galveston Pier

I spent a few weekends at the beach this summer. I love the sensations of the beach — the smells, the feel, the sounds, the sights. I tried to capture this from memory in this quick acrylic painting. It is simple, but I kind of like it.IMG_2578

Into the woods…

I like abstract landscapes. So I did this one to try to get going with it. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it’s a start.


painted over this one…



I forgot my subject for painting class, so I took this idea from a painting that I have seen quite frequently when I am at work.


Going abstract again.

This painting idea is borrowed. I am trying to learn some techniques with acrylics again.


Head in the clouds


This one is not exactly what I wanted, but it got me obsessed with clouds and the show in the sky. I spent the year taking pictures of the sky.


From 1941

I just love this photo taken in 1941 of my grandfather and some other men taking a lunch break at the job of building the Dow Chemical Plant. They are eating their Wonder Bread sandwiches and seated on the ground. My grandfather is the one in the top left who is facing the camera.

This was a challenge to paint. I first applied silver paint to the background and then started with the figures. The photograph was faded and damaged, but the longer I looked, the more I saw. It got to be a little complicated for me. I wanted a loose style but the guy in the front left drove me a bit crazy and is a little less spontaneous-looking than I would like. It’s a good thing I gave this painting to my Dad or I would still be trying to fix it.




I Recently took this home to try to fix

Class Assignment

Class Assignment

I took a short painting class this summer. Our assignment was to copy a painting from the 1800’s. I picked this Corot’s Greek Girl.
Faces are quite a lesson. Anyway, I fought with the face that had different shapes, was green, then purple, then had an orange streak in it, and finally ended up with this.

Quick Study to Get Moving Again

Summer sites

It had been a year and a half since I had painted. I put away the paints so I could focus on some other important tasks. So this summer, tasks done, I wanted to paint again. It is a bit intimidating to start, so I did this quick painting just to get going again.


Happy 2012!!

My wish is that hope and love send us all into this new year with great optimism and the energy and inspiration to create beauty in this world.


(Someone sent some photos of lions to me. His friend had gone on a lion walk in Zambia.)


My sister made onion and garlic soup for Christmas dinner.

Too many lines

For our next assignment, we were to spend some time copying a drawing by Alphonse Mucha. Although I do appreciate the skill and beauty demonstrated in Mucha’s artwork, I can’t say that I enjoyed this assignment. I would rather draw what I see in real life rather than copy someone else’s drawing.

Modern-Day Russian Impressionist

I was surfing the web to find out more about Russian impressionism, and I found these absolutely beautiful paintings by Konstatin Razumov (born in 1974). His ability to depict such shimmering, vibrant, dancing light in his paintings amazes me. The paintings glow with beautiful color and softness. I especially love the softness and smoothness of the images. Here are a couple of his paintings:

Dreaming of a Summer Christmas

I have been home sick today and tried to paint, but I didn’t get very far. I like to paint water.

I hope I can finish this one soon.

All senses portrait

I was looking though an old magazine someone threw away, and I found the oil painting, “Wife’s Protrait” by the Russian Impressionist, Andrey Mochalov. There was no date on it. I tried to google the artist, but came up empty handed. The photo was an ad by Overland Gallery in Arizona. I didn’t see any information on their website either.

Looking at this painting, I imagine that the woman’s voice is a bit sweet, that she moves smoothly and a little quick, and that her skin is soft and kind of cushy. I can smell the tea and the pears. What an inviting painting! I love the color and how softly everything blends. The artist seems to know this woman well.

Blind hands

I bought a pen to do sketches and realized that each stroke would be recorded. Yikes! The next assignment was to draw my hand without looking at my paper. I can do that in pen. So I was semi-brave here.

….looks like alien parts. For these next set of “drawings,” I could look at the paper every once in a while. They are still weird.

For this last one, I could look at the paper, but I lost my bravery and went back to pencil.

I like the “unthought out” feel of the lines in the first two sets of drawings versus this last drawing, but the last one looks more like a hand than an alien appendage.

I was a bad model; I kept moving my hand or moving my eyes so I got different perspectives. I’m also convinced that I need to start wearing gloves when I wash dishes!


This is a Cinco de Mayo rose from my garden. I’m trying to get faster. So this is it for today.



This beautiful portrait is of Maria Callas, one of the most renowned opera singers of the 20th century. It was painted by Henry Koerner in 1956. Koerner was born in Austria but moved to Pittsburgh. His portraits of celebrities like Maria Callas and John F. Kennedy appeared on the covers of Time magazine. I love the color and movement in this oil painting. I could stare at it for hours and hours. On a sad note, Koerner died at age 75 years when he was hit by a car while bicycling with his wife in Austria.

Divine stillness

December 17, 2011

Vanessa Bell painted this oil on canvas, “Interior with a Table, St Tropez” in 1921. It feels very serene to me. I think it is because of the colors or the roundness of many of the shapes. I like the blue reflections.


I found this print of Claude Monet’s “Daylilies,” oils on canvas, 1914-17. I like all the movement in the painting. Someone said that Monet thought abstract art was abhorrent. No one ever accused Monet of not being artist just because he painted flowers : )


Assignment: Self portrait. This is the first self-portrait I have drawn. I’m not sure if it looks like me. I’ll have to check it in the morning.

This morning I can see that my nose is a little shorter and my eyelids are more droopy than the real me. My girlfriend said that this self-portrait looks much older than I look. Bless her!


I found the beautiful and dream-like artwork of Katie Hoffman (one of our bloggers). She starts out with an abstract painting and finds the story.

To the edges

Assignment: Draw a room scene that goes to the edges of the paper. I should probably try this again, because it is more of a close up than a room. The faint scribbling is from the yellow highlighter from the mass drawing. I just saved this photo as  a black and white photo. I’m thinking that maybe I should just stick to a line drawing and not try any shading….looks a bit messy.

Something Small

Assignment 1: I drew a small glass salt shaker. I used Merrill Kazanjianm’s mass drawing method. First, I quickly blocked out the shape with a highlighter, then I made the drawing with a pencil, correcting the shape as I drew. The only thing with the mass drawing method is that all my drawings will be highlighted in yellow. Maybe I can save it as a black and white photo and get rid of the yellow. The last pic is what the salt shaker really looks like. I had to move it to take the photo, so the lighting is different. I’m really going to have to get better at this photographing.

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